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Tarot Cards have been around for centuries and have been used and is still used, by many religions and cultures.  Tarot Cards can reveal past, present and future happenings of a person.

A Tarot Card reading is really YOU turned inside out!  So everything about you, will be revealed in the cards, and as much as a person may want to keep certain things a secret, hidden, or not have to deal with or think about it, and if this is something of a block in that person’s life from moving forward, well, the cards will show this and bring it to light.  YOU the client have the power to change the outcome of the reading anytime you choose by deciding to make whatever changes you need to ….. or leave things the way they are, and that would be your choice.

Tarot Card Readings are great for Individual Readings or to have at a party!

People enjoy readings at parties, so book your Tarot Readings for your next party.



15 mins.  Tarot Readings  in Person                                            $25.00

15 mins.  Tarot Readings over the Phone                                 $25.00

30 mins.  Tarot Readings in Person                                            $45.00

30 mins.  Tarot Readings over the Phone                                $45.00

60 mins.  Tarot Readings  in Person                                           $85.00

60 mins.  Tarot Readings over the Phone                                $85.00


Tarot Cards Readings are for Entertainment Purposes ONLY!



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