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 At Total Relaxation Massage

It’s not just a Massage but an Experience!



 Enjoy the comfort and ambiance that  Total Relaxation has to offer!  As you enter the room, you immediately feel like you are in another world, ….. where ever you would like that place to be.   A room that is the perfect setting, the intoxicating fragrance that engulfs your nostrils, the sound of rain lightly falling that fills the room…..  the sounds of native music playing that captures your mind and soul and slowly put you in the zone or meditative state where you can  leave your worries behind and just enjoy the moment….. no distractions, just you connecting with yourself and enjoying the tranquility and peace that belongs to you now.  This is  your own personal sanctuary, dark enough, comfortable,  and  the only light are from the candles that surrounds the room,  that’s lit to give you just the perfect amount of lighting.  The table is heated to the perfect temperature, warm oils caresses your skin and after, hot towels to remove excess oil when session is completed.  No clinical setting here.

At Total Relaxation, we want you to just let all your worries and stresses slowly drift away, as we begin our session of relaxation.  With our nurturing, respectful and loving touch, our fingers and hands are like sensors that can carefully feel all the tight areas on your body and we aim to slowly, comfortably and expertly help to release those areas and your stresses of the day or week.


       At Total Relaxation, it’s not just a massage, but really, an experience!

       Massage long ago was looked at as something of a “treat,”  “special occasion” or “luxury” that one would indulge themselves in once in a while.  Today, with all the medical research, and the benefits of massage, one can no longer treat massage as a “treat” or “luxury” anymore, but it should be incorporated as part of your health regimen for maintaining optimal health inconjunction with medical care  and exercise for a  healthy body and mind.

One aspect of massage as we all know, is that it is relaxing and feels great when  one is being touched.  However, massage is great for so many other things, that we really don’t realise, such as helping you get a better night sleep, improved  circulation, relieves tightness and knots/nodules, stretching of the muscles and lengthening of the spine, helps with moving fluids to remove toxic wastes, helps with cellulite, breaking up of scar tissues, or aligning scar tissues or fibroblast with the muscles…… and the lists goes on and on….. but the greatest of all for me is, with regular massages it is implied that it can help with a youthful appearance.   (I guess because you are moving toxic waste to be flushed out) Now, who wouldn’t want that!!

Start implementing massage as part of your well-being.

Some Benefits of massage are:

Improves the overall health of tissues and cells of the body. 

Increased blood and lymph circulation.

Helps in the removal of metabolic wastes.

Improves delivery of oxygen and nutrients to tissue cells.

Reduce anxiety.

Increase Mental clarity.

Relieves muscle pain from tension and poor circulation.

Improve immune function via stress reduction.

Reduce blood pressure.

Helps with the breaking up of scar tissue, such as in surgery, trauma, plastic surgery, accidents, etc.

Improves sleep.

Helps with range of motion and flexibility.

Can help with posture and lengthening of muscles.

Too many to mention!